Is Follow Up Really Important When It Comes to Your Network Marketing Leads?

Like every business, sales prospects are going to be one of the key elements to create a steady cash flow and the same can be said for network marketing leads. When it comes to network marketing, things can be a bit more difficult. It is a little bit trickier to approach people directly to get them interested in the business and become potential sales leads. This is why a lot of people take the time and effort to create landing pages and lead generating websites to do the job for them. The main concern for some though is whether or not it is important to follow-up with your network marketing leads.

They Affect Your Profits

Leads are your prospects, the people who may later be converted into actual customers. Of course, this is a little different when it comes to network marketing because your customers will also become direct sellers for the company and their sales will affect your profits. Their performance will directly affect your income. For every sale they make, you earn a commission and for every person they, recruit you also earn a commission.

Your success pretty much depends on your leads. In most cases, four of the ten people you communicate with will give you their information and become leads. Three out of four will eventually drop out. Only one will convert into a consumer so this means out of ten people, only one will generate a profit for you. If you want to earn then you need to follow up on your leads and sway them to become consumers. The more leads you have, the better.

They Need to Be Reminded

Some leads will fire back with the comment “Come back to recruit me when you’ve become successful yourself.” They want to see the promises you make become factual truth. You’ll have to be persistent and keep doing follow-ups to show them progress. The only way you’re going to turn your leads into consumers is to keep them updated with positive results. If you have email listings then send them posts on your latest checks or updates on the latest benefits that are available. Otherwise they’ll see it as a dead end and your leads will eventually lost interest.

You Need to Build Relationships

If you were to tell a random stranger via email or phone call to join your business because they could potentially earn a hundred or even thousands of dollars, they most likely will ignore you. But if you build a stable relationship with your leads with constant follow-ups then you’ll be surprised at how many of them will say yes when you finally ask them to join. They need to trust you before they are willing to spend money. Give them newsletters, screen shots of your latest profits, a list of benefits, or just call them to check on how they are and what they honestly think of the business.

Your leads are your keys to success. You are dealing with people and people need a little convincing before they let go of their money. Follow up with your network marketing leads before they let go of the program and eventually you’ll see your own side of the business beginning to prosper.

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Email Marketing and Its Advantages

Email marketing is a direct marketing tool where products and services information are sent directly to the email of the prospective clients. It is one of the easiest online marketing strategies that you can use. Emails for this marketing strategy are usually used to solicit sales, send ads and create brand awareness. The recipients are usually those that are already in the customer database.

Here are the top reasons on why you should use email marketing for your business:

1. It is easy to do. You do not need to be an internet guru for you to set up an email marketing campaign. What you simply need to do is to produce the marketing material and you can email it to all the people in your database.

2. It helps draw more traffic to your website. You can embed links to your website on the emails that you send so the recipient can easily follow it by clicking the link. This is one of the most effective ways of directing people into your website.

3. It keeps your clients informed. By sending out weekly or monthly emails about updates on your products and your special offers you increase your chances of getting customers to visit your website and avail of your offers. There is a higher probability for customers to respond to their email than to the mail you send via the post.

4. It is cheap. You don’t need to shell out money for printing your materials and then posting it when you use email marketing. Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways for you to be in contact with your customers.

5. It is voluntary. You can give you clients a choice on whether they want to receive regular emails from you by offering them the option to sign-up for your newsletters in your website. It is very annoying to receive unsolicited email so you reduce your chances of becoming an annoyance by giving them the option to hear from your or not.

When you decide to launch an email marketing campaign, there are several things that you should consider.

1. Make the links obvious. The main reason you are sending out emails is to get people to visit your website so make sure that your website’s link is noticeable.

2. Lessen the use of images. Images make the file heavy. Image laden emails take long to open so make sure that you only use images minimally.

3. Make sure that recipients can unsubscribe. As a gesture of goodwill, make sure that your recipient will have an option to unsubscribe from your email list.

The internet is a very powerful tool and one of the things that the internet provides for business owners is the ability to use emails for marketing.

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Copywriting: Surviving a Sales Letter That Bombs (For Marketing Realists Only)

It sounds like a big deal but every once in a while you’ll get started with a new sales letter and it won’t perform.

It has happened to me in my businesses; it is not a pleasant feeling. I still get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when a sales letter I’ve written bombs. Recently I tested a postcard drop and that is exactly what happened. 1 response. We needed about 6 for the test to work. But the important thing is not the fact it bombed but what you do next.

It is a fact of life. Not everything works perfectly the first time – especially marketing.

Here are my Survival Tips for surviving a sales letter or any other piece of copy that doesn’t work the first time.

1. Relax, remember you haven’t bet the farm on this ‘failure.’ For us it wasn’t as bad as we thought. We had only committed to a small test – we could afford to lose the money. If it worked we could quite happily have rolled it out. That is why you test – to see if your marketing works and warrants roll out. It wasn’t a nice feeling but that made it easier to swallow.

2. Go back and look at what you’ve done with cool and detached eyes and do a debrief. Get everyone involved to give their feedback. Did you send your promotion to the right people? Was it really the best copy angle you could use in your target market? Was there anything in the research we missed? How could you improve what you’ve done? A simple debrief gave us lots of good ideas to test with our next mailing and we got a much better response the second time around.

3. Never Give Up. If you are determined to make a particular way of selling work for you, such as the postcard mailing for us – keep going. Know that you can fail your way to success. Keep your losses small, so you can stay in the game until you find a winner you can ride to the top.

4. Not every piece of copy you or your copywriter writes is going to be a winner. If you have a copywriter who tells you that you won’t ‘bomb’ once in a while they are lying to you. Don’t hold it against them. And plan your marketing with that in mind – test everything before you roll it out. There is a difference between how any product or service is sold and the reality of it. Exercise equipment is sold as though you don’t have to use it to lose weight. Copywriters are not going to publicise their failure rate either. But it is there and you need to have to factor it in.

5. Test. Test. Test. Remember you have to test. If you don’t test you aren’t going to succeed in direct marketing regardless of whether it is online or offline. Testing takes time. Not as long as it used to but it still takes time. So be patient and willing to test, otherwise you’ll not last in the long term.

Having a promotion bomb shouldn’t be the end of the world, unless you let it. You are entitled to feel bad about it. It was what you do next that is important. So keep your chin up and keep moving towards success.

Landlord Direct Success, Create Value Instantly With These 4 Tips

I don’t want to waste a bunch of your time so lets just get right into it OK? Check it out. I just want to say the difference between failing and landlord direct success is really the difference in taking the time to do these simple steps.

Tip # 1 Fence the yard

Look you don’t have to put up a fancy fence, just make sure the yard is split up from the neighbor.

People like to see that where they are getting ready to live is theirs.

Use shrubs, rocks, wooden barrels or go to a antique shop and find neat things to just show neat boundaries to show them it’s theirs.

This can really make a small market turn into a huge market.

Tip # 2 Landscape

If you want to just gain more buying traffic to your property this is a great place to start. If the yard looks nice people will admire it then when they see it’s available they are more likely to contact you.

You show that it’s cared about, this means a lot to someone who has a higher level of respect for themselves. You also gain a good client this way.

First impressions work in all ways, not just with meeting people. But when people walk up and see nice bushes, neat rocks and wood chips instead of weeds. People are quicker to pay more.

Tip # 3 Covered deck or porch

This creates depth into the property and gets people dreaming. They envision themselves as having a glass of wine or hanging with friends and family. This is important to really show value. You touch emotions.

People value good times and the more ways your property can create these good times with the special features that it has, your ability to get more, is easier.

You can create a covered porch or deck very easily, look online for great ideas.

Tip # 4 Good lighting

Believe it or not lighting equals security. Security to people is HUGE. This is really important if they have kids.

Put good lighting in the garage and the man will be really excited and selling the wife on how important it is.

Good lighting in the yard or where they park can add safety. Safety is really easy to create value in someone’s mind.

Lighting in the bathrooms helps her sell him on how important her beauty is. A woman loves an awesome bathroom. Lighting is huge in there for them when they are using beauty products.

Lighting in the kitchen is very valuable to both the man and the woman.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to boost value in this area and it makes a huge impact.

If you are really interested in creating value and have landlord direct success you must implement these ideas. They are inexpensive and easy to put into action.

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